September 2021 Review: Upon Reflection…

As far as writing goes September hasn’t been very nice to me. Writing about Halloween and its sequel was fine, but I’ve quite struggled with my other reviews that I have been working on.

Handmaid’s Tale was prepared before September and was proof-read to death, but still came out with a lot of errors. Then there’s the long winded nature of writing for long-form TV shows. I tried mixing things up with the Better Call Saul Season1 and 2 review just so it didn’t feel like I was writing a dissertation while trying to explain why I love something that I do. Sure, writing about two seasons in one post probably didn’t help me there, but I didn’t want to be spamming my TV section with six separate posts for the soon-to-be six separate seasons of that show. Then I got worried I’d maybe been to vague or lacked an informative voice while proof reading it. Writing TV reviews is hard! It’s something I want to keep doing but I may slow down a bit until I get into a rhythm.

Then there’s Halo 2. That post had many, many iterations of itself. My relationship with that game is so strange because I know why I dislike it, but always struggle to communicate it. Part of the reason I chose to review it wasn’t just because I had recently done Combat Evolved, but also for the challenge of putting my weird thoughts into what are (hopefully) clear words. It took me a couple of tries and revisions but I think I got there in the end.

I also finally finished my Outer Worlds review, which I wrote about in my guide to writing at length because of how I felt I was often misrepresenting myself as a reviewer and thus the game in my early drafts. It’s a good game, but all my early drafts seemed to have this toxic aura around them that didn’t seem to want to credit the game at all. I feel my final review, however, is an accurate depiction of what I think of the game and how I as a reviewer want to represent it on on this blog. Believe me because it’s been on the backburner for two months, picked apart and stitched together like Frankenstein’s monster before being erased and entirely rewritten from a new perspective at least twice, and I would refuse to publish it if it was any less than what I considered to be fair based on my experienced with the game. That will be published on October 10th.

Finally I did some writing elsewhere, where I have absolutely no audience because my brain is just that big. I fuelled my obsession with Morrowind by writing a short, 2000 word fan fiction exploring the state of the character Vivec at the end of the game. I’ve always been interested in fanfiction writing because I am one of those people who tends to get very invested in worlds/universes that I enjoy. But until now I never actually did it because I don’t normally like being involved with fandom culture due to how zealous it can be. To be frank, I disapprove of a lot of the hivemind thinking that occurs within fandoms. That said, think that the idea of people being so passionate about a universe they love that they’ll commit a tremendous amount of writing effort to contribute to it is quite inspiring. And while a lot of fanfiction can be hit or miss – I for one being a person who is very picky about what they choose to read – I think it’s a type of writing that’s in equal parts about spirit and desire as it is about skill. I posted the story to Wattpad because I didn’t think it would fit here and would like to keep my content here separate from any works of fiction I might make. That said, if you’d like to check out the story, titled Almalexia, then you can click the following like to read it:

So that’s been this strange month. I did manage to do some catch up reading on WordPress and elsewhere, but made zero progress on that book I mentioned last month. One day. One day I shall begin the process…

Next month should be a good one. October is my birthday month! Yippie! It’s also Alex’s Review Corner’s first year anniversary! Double yippie! I can’t really think of anything special to do for it. I thought maybe a joke post – like my April fools day post – would be funny and maybe it could be Skyrim related as my first review here was of Skyrim. But then I already did a joke post about Skyrim anniversary edition recently and with Bethesda already milking the poor thing like a cow, I don’t want to add to it’s trauma by beating it like a dead horse.

What I’m looking forward to most is watching Halloween III: Season of the Witch. I know it’s so different from the typical Michael Myers slasher instalments and, despite having seen it once as a child, can barely remember anything about it except for something about Stone Henge and a catchy theme song. Honestly sounds a bit weird and I’m not sure what to expect out of it. But I’ll remain glass half-full about it until the credits roll!

I hope you guys have had a decent September, and I wish you all a very good October.

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