January 2022 Review – The Month of Gaming

Though I haven’t published a lot of gaming reviews this month, I have been playing a wide variety of games. Mostly Halo Infinite, Wildermyth and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. But also a little of SMITE and Total War Warhammer II.

With Halo Infinite already reviewed, my plans for the gaming section of this blog are to next release Wildermyth and Oblivion reviews, though I’m not sure in what order I’ll be releasing them. Though I have no plans to ever review SMITE, I’d be interested in reviewing Total War Warhammer II, but it would be quite the undertaking. I’m very unfamiliar with the game and only decided to play it because it’s been forever since I played a modern Total War title. I’ve liked it so far, but to truly appreciate it I’d have to sink a lot of bloody time into it. So if I ever do decide to review it, it won’t be for a while.

On a similar note, I saw the trailer and early gameplay of Total War Warhammer III, which looks pretty good. I’d be more than interested in picking it up and playing it… If only it weren’t £60. I understand games are getting more expensive to make, but blimey is it annoying when prices are so high that you’re forced to pick between a myriad of games, all of which you’d like to play.

For movies I’ve now watched and written up drafts of all the remaining Halloween films in my review series. I had quite a bit of downtime at the end of December that I used to watch them. Though editing and scheduling still remain, the bulk of what I think is all committed to the page and eager to be released. I also have a list of films I’d like to review after the Halloween franchise is done, so I won’t be slowing down on that front.

For TV I just released my thoughts of the Crown Seasons 1 & 2, and am currently in the process of writing up my thoughts on Seasons 3 & 4. It’s still early days though, so don’t expect it for a while. I’ve also undertaken a slightly larger project for TV wherein I’m going to be closely analysing the Netflix Daredevil show. Again, early days, but something to look forward to and something I enjoy working towards finishing. I plan to review all three seasons in the review and have just finished the first seasons. So quite a lot of time remains before that sees the light of day.

Overall, January hasn’t just been a productive month for the blog, which as seen six posts go up within it (I think that’s a record number of posts for a single month here), but an inspiring one that has left me with lots of ideas for future reviews and even more content for the wildcard Other category.

As for you guys, I hope the early days of 2022 have treated you well.

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