April 2022 Review – Holiday Time

April has been pretty good for me. Mainly because I got a week long holiday in Cyprus with the family. There was a nice wedding on the seafront and lots of drinks afterwards. Outside of the wedding, the pool was lovely and so was the sea.

The only downside to the whole thing was going without our lovely two cats, Olaf and Sven, who were surprisingly very forgiving of us leaving them.

And two days after we came back, Better Call Saul season 6 started up. So, I was just excited to come back from the holiday as I was to go on it. So far the season is shaping up to be a good ending to the story, and I’ll definitely be doing a review of it once it’s over.

I also started watching the Queen’s Gambit when we got back. Aside from Anya Taylor Joy not looking like a teenager at all in a couple of the earlier episodes, it’s a well written and acted show so far.

Back to the subject of holidays, I find myself wanting to go to Wales. Wales is such a pretty place with all it’s hills, especially in Snowdonia and across the north coast. I mean, even when the weather is bad it just looks dramatically imposing instead of pretty. All that’s to decide is whether I want a cottage, where the directions to it will surely be along the lines of “go right at the big tree”, or stay in a town somewhere.

So yeah, things were good this April. Let’s hope May is good too. For you and I.

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