May 2022 Review – So Many Films

My review backlog is getting kind of ridiculous. So ridiculous that there are films I watched months ago only just being released here. My Superman review being one of them, as well as Fellowship of the Ring. I actually had plans to review the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy, but didn’t really have anything to say about the other films that I hadn’t already covered in my review of the first. They’re all good, largely for the same consistent reasons, and I didn’t want to repeat myself over and over with more reviews.

Scrapping my plans for Lord of the Rings reviews has freed me up a little bit… For now. I think a large problem is that I discovered Letterboxd and made an account on it where I am now keeping track of every movie I watch and intend to watch. My watchlist there is absolutely ridiculous. If you want to follow me there, my username is super142. I give a rating to films as I watch them and write tiny reviews of about a few sentences long just so I know where my head is at. It actually helps me when it comes to writing my longer reviews here.

Another thing I did was take a long scroll through Amazon Prime where I discovered a couple of foreign films I wouldn’t mind watching, like Parasite, The Wailing and Ikiru. There’s also a long line of Gamera films on there, which are tempting me to make them the centre of my next big franchise binge-watch, following the conclusion of my Halloween series. But we’ll see. There’s a couple of other franchises I’ve also got my eye on for that.

None of this accounts for films I was given to watch months ago and still haven’t got around to viewing – Assault on Precinct 13. Still not watched it. Jason and the Argonauts. Still not watched it. The Fall of the Roman Empire. Still not watched it. Bonnie Scotland. Still not watched it. All of this is conflated by films I have gained an impulse to watch for seemingly no reason at all just because they appeared in my brain one day; The Robe, Nobody, and that bloody awful DOOM movie with Karl Urban and the Rock for some reason.

But it doesn’t even end there. No. This nightmare movie spiral keeps going. I want to watch Men, a new spooky film that’s come out. I want to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once, which hasn’t been showing anywhere near me.

When it comes to films I seem to have become somewhat of a sufferer of ADD as I spontaneously try to watch everything on my watchlist and everything new I notice all at the same time.

But it’s a good problem to have. I like movies. That’s why I’ve stepped up the number of reviews I’ve been doing here. Sometimes even watching a bad movie leaves me in a good mood.

Let’s see, what can I now talk about that isn’t movies…

Well I did want to write about the Halo TV show. But episode one bored me to death, so I probably won’t. I also thought about writing about Stranger Things season 4 but, while a much better show, there’s just so much to it that my review would probably be the length of a dissertation. A strong contender for the next TV show review is the Obi-Wan Kenobi show, if I can stick with it. The first two episodes have been released at the time of writing this and both are really dumb and stupid. But there are also quite charming and neat things in them too, so we’ll see how it goes and if I decide to stick with it.

After that I will 100% be doing a review of Better Call Saul season 6. This will be the final season of my favourite TV show ever. The midseason finale aired not too long ago and blimey was it tragically entertaining. It’s the show that keeps on giving and I want to talk about it. Another show I’d very much like to write about is The Boys. Season 3 is going to drop in June, and I’m hyped for it. Both season 1 and 2 have been great, well written parodies of the superhero genre that recently fired shots at the ridiculousness of Zack Snyder’s cut of the Justice League as a marketing gimmick.

So yeah that’s been my May. Look, my life doesn’t revolve around this blog, but I do like to plan it out. And it’s hard to plan it out when there’s one-thousand-and-one TV shows and movies I want to watch all at the same time. I hope you tune in for all the juicy content to come, as I continue to entertain readers across the world wide web. I hope you had a good May, and hope you have an even better June.

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