Cut Short: The Big Lebowski (1998)

The Big Lebowski is one of those films you can watch more than once and enjoy it more on each subsequent rewatch. That’s not something you can say about a lot of comedies because, once you know the gags, you know the gags. And I think the fact this movie’s comedy comes from it’s characters, all of whom who walk the fine line between unextraordinary and bizzaro (some more than others) is why it works.

The plot goes that a guy named Lebowski (Jeff Bridges), shares a name with a millionaire who’s wife has been kidnapped and held ransom. Our main character – the world’s most unextraordinary man and big time loser in a lot of senses – then has to try and figure out where the wife has gone… All because he wanted a rug replaced.

John Goodman is also in this film, great as always in whatever role he’s given. His character is all about generations being stuck in the past with their trauma, as shown by his inability to not bring up Vietnam in any given conversation and clear violent urges. It’s a good contrast to Lebowski who, going into the new century, really has nothing going on in his life other than bowling and he’s 100% happy and content with that fact.

There’s a lot of great writing in this film, and a crap ton of memorable moments and dialogue. But it’s the sort of movie I can’t really talk about for too long – it feels like explaining it too much kind of isn’t the point. I had written a longer review, but discussing it in-depth just felt wrong. I guess that’s the case with most comedies. And even though this is a film that has a lot to say, going on and on about it and what I took from it just felt like it took away from the review.

I would absolutely recommend The Big Lebowski. It’s a fun, engaging and often tense comedy about a dude trying to find some millionaire’s wife with his Vietnam vet, PTSD having friend. It’s great, and also feels like it has something to say.

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