August 2022 Review – Blaugust Comes to an End

This month I participated in Blaugust; a challenge where I had to do daily uploads of posts. And all was well until about halfway through the month when I realised my backlog had finally been exhausted. Writing daily posts wasn’t the slog I thought it would be, but editing them sure as hell was and I wouldn’t be surprised if there have been more spelling errors in this months round of posts than there ever have been before. It’s a lot to keep on top of and, though the experience was (sometimes) fun, it was also (mostly) annoying. Safe to say I won’t be doing it again, but I’m nonetheless glad I gave it try.

I’m a bit burned out and, honestly, in need of new content to write. For those reasons I’ll probably be taking a bit of a break from posting. I don’t know how long. Could be a week. Could be a month. It depends what I get up to and how I’m feeling. But when I’m back it’ll be weekly posts on Sundays at 6pm, with the occasional Wednesday post if I have smaller topics I want to put out there.

I hope you enjoyed what I managed to pump out this month. I also hope that your feed wasn’t drowned by, not only myself, but the various other bloggers also participating in this ludicrous madness.

Anyway, that’s it for August. I hope your month was okay and I hope your September is too!

6 thoughts on “August 2022 Review – Blaugust Comes to an End

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  1. Congrats on getting through. I know a few years ago I participated and there was so much Warcraft content to talk about it was easy to go platinum rainbow. This time was a bit tougher. But I hope to keep going. Even if it’s only a few a month.


      1. Yeah, I tried a few different things, I really wanted to avoid anything political. I probably could have written a few more personal blog posts. But nobody wants to read about some 60 year old gamer.

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  2. Yep, daily updates are hard to maintain, Even people who have really active Twitter accounts amaze me. I just can’t imagine the hours they have to spend every day working on them.

    Enjoy your break!

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