September 2022 Review – My Country Went Mad

So in the UK this month we’re doing that thing where we say things are fine, when they most certainly are not fine. And it all started with the Queen’s death.

I talked at length already about how exhausting and silly the news coverage of her death was, but the one bit I was actually hoping to catch (the funeral) I couldn’t because I had an MRI on the day. So instead I lay in a tube and had my brain scanned.

Shortly after her death Buckingham Palace released a statement about the TV show called The Crown of all things. Season 5 is releasing in November and the Palace spokesperson said something to the effect of “remember it’s a drama, not a documentary”. Which 100% means Charles is going to get a really bad depiction in the upcoming series. I think most people know the Crown is a drama first. While there are truth to it’s events and it is set around historical occurrences, it undoubtedly doesn’t know all the inner workings of the Royals and has to exaggerate what little is known for the sake of the show. But I still find it funny the Palace came to Charles’ defence like that. It’s so strangely defensive and I feel them not saying anything at all about the upcoming series might have been better. No one’s seen it yet and I’m more inclined to believe there is some truth behind Charles’ dramatized TV character now that they have said something. But who really knows, eh?

Then half the country went mad that TV presenters Philip Schofield and Holy Willoughby got in a special que allowing them to bypass hours of waiting to see the Queen’s coffin. I understand it, but it’s also a bit of backwards thinking… Like, if your queuing to see a dead monarch who has a god given right to have power over you, it’s a bit odd to complain about other influential people getting priority over you. It’s like enjoying the class system allowing you to have a divine monarch, but not enjoying having any other class that is above you. But at the same time the que should be fair…

AS DAVID BECKHAM HUMBLY DISPLAYED! Poor David. Dude must have been waiting in that que for hours under the radar and then the news found him, and made him subject to trillions of articles about what a nice guy he is for not skipping ahead like Phil and Holly.

Honestly that’s the least of it though. Real problems my country is facing include: That cost of living is going up. Yippie. Love to hear it. Eager to pay my bills this cold, cold winter. Oh and our currency tanked below both the dollar and euro, which is a big deal considering it’s been ahead of the two for a long time. Bankers got their bonuses uncapped while the rest of us struggle with increasing energy bills. Yep. There’s a financial crisis so fuck it, let’s make the rich richer! Woo!

The new Prime Minister, our new Lizzie, reportedly already has no confidence letters being written of her. Honestly, I’m not surprised after a bunch of radio interviews with her circulated where she froze like a rebooting laptop when confronted about what she’s going to do to fix things. She just blamed Russia and then failed to mention any potential fix.

A government plan which (as I understand it, I could be wrong) to secure land for housing was met by big backlash from just about any UK institution that supports the preservation of nature – these guys all quote retweeting each other about how much the government sucks on Twitter.

And just as you were thinking “wow, I should vote Labour instead of Tory” one of the Labour MP’s got suspended for being a big bloody racist. The fact this isn’t the first time labour have had this racism thing going on makes you wonder how deep it runs and is a reminder that voting is more or less picking the lesser of two evils at this stage.

So yeah, fun times. If there is anything I love to see, it’s every possible class divide drama – be it petty celebrity tripe or the government strapping a suicide vest to the pound – happening within the span of a single month. It’s funny because whenever America does something stupid, like banning abortions, folk over here are quick to point finger and laugh at how silly those ‘yanks’ are, as though our government isn’t also losing it’s marbles. Maybe we should stop laughing at America guys? Yes it’s dumb and very sad they can get arrested for having an abortion, but it’s also dumb and sad (a different type of sad) that you can get arrested here for voicing anti-monarchy opinions in the one moment the monarchy becomes more relevant than it has in the past few years.

Is there any good news?

Well, this blog is going alright. I still enjoy writing. I still enjoy playing games and watching things in the name of reviewing them. I have a number of posts lined up in the schedule again, and some ideas for end of year posts.

I’ve been considering redesigning the blog too. At the moment the actual website of still looks very “my first website”, but I don’t know. I kind of grew attached to how overtly first time it looks. Reminds me of when I started.

I picked up a new hobby: Painting Warhammer minitures. I have five pistoliers at the moment. I figured an Empire fantasy army was the way to go. It’s my birthday this October (my 23rd year of existence), and I have asked for more Warhammer things to paint.

So yep that was September. Honestly a bit (very) naff, but held together by personal interests and time spent with those I love. I hope you guys had a better one and go on to have a good October. It’s my birthday so I surely will.

4 thoughts on “September 2022 Review – My Country Went Mad

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  1. I hope your MRI turned up clear!

    I don’t understand British politics. Seems like the Cons have been so bad for so long it would be easy to turf them out. Must be a lot of destructive anger in the UK these days.

    Painting those miniatures seems like a demanding hobby, from the stuff I’ve seen posted online by the people who do it. Looking forward to seeing some of the results, but I’m guessing it takes a bit of practice to get really good at it.

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    1. To be honest it wasn’t until recently I started understanding my own country’s politics. Its not something ever really taught in education, so you just pick up on it. I often think I should know more than I do of my country’s politics.

      And the most demanding thing of the minitures is the price! Hence the birthday timing of my deciding to get more into it. It’s fun. Can be hard and frustrating when your colours overlap on the model and ylu try to tidy it up. But the end result is always rewarding to look at and it can even be quite relaxing sometimes.

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