The Incredible Hulk (2008) Review – Don’t Make Me Angry

Don’t make me angry were my thoughts going into this one. I had an itch to watch Hulk break things but didn’t recall this film being very good. But on some level movies like this always entertain me – giant monsters punching each other that is – like I can’t turn off the child in the back of my brain who wants to see the most schlock possible unfold in eccentric action scenes.

And as far as action goes, The Incredible Hulk might be one of the MCU’s better efforts. The CGI isn’t brilliant now days, especially on the Hulk himself, but it doesn’t feel weightless like a lot of modern CGI fights tend to. What good has remained in this film’s special effects is that ‘umph’ you expect to feel when big things smack each other, something sorely missing in a lot of the Marvel movies coming out today.

There’s also an edge to the violence – as far as it’s rating and the studio will let it get away with, at least. Hulk breaks every bone in a mans body, he gets stabbed and bleeds over his chest, and a whole bunch of police and civilians just get murdered by the baddie on screen (albeit quite distantly).

And I think, considering this is a Hulk movie, that goes a longer way than it would in any other action movie.

But my praise for the film does end with “it’s fun to watch Hulk fight”. Every other part of the film loses it’s edge and good faith. Mainly because it’s just so boring. Not only is the plot uninteresting, but not a single actor here looks as though they want to be in it. And the cast is pretty good – lots of big names and personalities – but none bring anything to the table worth sticking around for. They’re all hovering around waiting for the paycheck and their agent to call and offer them a better role.

It is truly a waste of time to watch this movie – it’s extremely redundant. You’d find more value out of the human scenes in a really bad kaiju movie, where all they do is exposit plot points and say science words. Truly, the optimal way to watch The Incredible Hulk is to go on YouTube and just search for the fight scenes.

So no. I didn’t come out of The Incredible Hulk angry… But I did come out feeling really bored. And for that reason I just cannot recommend you sit through this.

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