Tribunal Part 1 – An Elder Scrolls Story

From out of RetirementBloodmoon happened a long time ago now. The beautiful, blood-shot-eyed protagonist, Rosai, saved the island of Solthsteim from being the hunting grounds of Hircine and his werewolves by defeating his spirit in battle. Afterwards, she returned to her duties in the town of Raven Rock to live a quiet life away from... Continue Reading →

Fun Games

So, uh, where you at? Seriously, a problem I've found specifically in AAA gaming at the moment - at least in the genre of games I am interested in - is that they haven't been very fun lately. And I know exactly why; developers want you to play their games in an obsessively specific way... Continue Reading →

Completing Heroes of Might and Magic 3 – Dead and Buried

Map Details:-Map: Dead and Buried-Size: Small-Victory Condition: Defeat all enemies-Loss Condition: Lose all towns and heroes-Difficulty: Hard-Players: Three (Red, Blue, Green). Player Details:-Red (Me): Conflux town, Fiur starting hero (Fire Elementals Specialty), gold starting bonus.-Blue (CPU): Dungeon town, Darkstorm starting hero (Stone Skin Specialty), artifact starting bonus.-Green (CPU: Necropolis town, Sandro starting hero (Sorcery Specialty),... Continue Reading →

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