Kong Skull Island (2017) Review

I've never been much of a Kong fan. I admire the special effects of the earlier movies, laugh at Toho's iteration of the character with a beer in hand, and always thought Peter Jackson's movie, while good, overstayed it's welcome. Then Kong Skull Island happened. And if you know anything about how I like my... Continue Reading →

Wrath of the Titans (2012) Review

Wrath of isn't quite as bizzare as it's 2010 predecessor, which is a bad movie so entertaining you can't help but enjoy it. Wrath is actually decent. Not good. But decent. Still worthy of being a guilty pleasure, but with enough good going for it to separate it from the likes of Clash. The plot... Continue Reading →

Cut Short: Yesterday (2019)

Yesterday is a film about everyone forgetting who the Beatles are except for one failing musician, who decides to then pass off their songs as his original works to get fame and fortune. But mostly, it's about a romance side plot wherein he must choose between his dream career and dream girl, which could have... Continue Reading →

Cut Short: Eternals (2021)

This is such a weird movie. It's 2 hours and 40 minutes long and for once I find myself saying that if this movie wanted to work, it definitely needed to be longer. There is just so much stuffed into it that I occasionally forgot members of the cast existed. Routinely someone would show up... Continue Reading →

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