Film Studies – A Character Study

During my A-Levels, from the ages of 16-18, I would decide to take the module of Film Studies alongside two English modules. As a result I spent my entire two years studying in the English department where I was introduced to some of the best teachers I've ever had, alongside some of the absolute worst.... Continue Reading →

Alex’s Guide to Writing

If human beings hadn't invented writing and continued to uphold its importance, teaching it for thousands of years to the point where pretty much everything we do would eventually lead to reading something someone else wrote - be it for how long your pasta needs to be boiled on the back of the packet, or... Continue Reading →

University: Three Years in Review

PrologueThe year is 2009. A primary school teacher has just asked a bunch of nose pickers to please return all pencils to to the pencil box at the centre of each table. At the end of the day, only about two have actually made it back. The underpaid teacher, who paid for those pencils for... Continue Reading →

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