Film Studies – A Character Study

During my A-Levels, from the ages of 16-18, I would decide to take the module of Film Studies alongside two English modules. As a result I spent my entire two years studying in the English department where I was introduced to some of the best teachers I've ever had, alongside some of the absolute worst.... Continue Reading →

Halo 2 Review

Okay. I get it. Everyone loves Halo 2. It's like THE Halo game. It's one of those games universally praised by almost everyone who has experienced it. The launch of this game was like a cultural event in of itself. But to be quite frank, I feel as though I need to be up front... Continue Reading →

Halloween 2 (1981) Review

After the out of nowhere success of the original Halloween it was set in stone that a sequel would be made which, in 1981, resulted in the release of Halloween 2 (not to be confused with Halloween 2. Yes, this is a running gag now). The film takes place immediately after the events of the... Continue Reading →

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