Scream VI (2023) Review

Never been much of a Scream fan to be honest, which is odd considering what little I have seen of the franchise I have liked, and the fact that slashers are probably my favourite horror subgenre. Before this I'd seen only the original Scream and the first season of the Netflix TV show. Again, I... Continue Reading →

SCP Containment Breach Review

There's no doubting this game is a classic. Based on the SCP website, a user-created community wherein people contribute files on fictional paranormal/supernatural entities being contained by the SCP foundation in a secret facility, SCP Containment Breach puts you inside that facility and lets a whole bunch of those things loose to kill you. Like... Continue Reading →

An Epilogue to Halloween

Halloween isn't over. It's frightful that I must start this epilogue to my review series with a reminder that we're still due a 2022 film called Halloween Ends, which will wrap-up the reboot of the franchise that started with the 2018 film. Rest assured, I'll be back to review that movie when the time comes,... Continue Reading →

The Lighthouse (2019) Review

The Lighthouse is a film I was drawn to specifically because Willem Dafoe was in it. I'm not even a huge follower of his work; I know him from Spiderman, Aquaman, Death Note and Mr Bean's Holiday, which are (with the exception of Spiderman) probably some of his lesser roles considering how much he's done.... Continue Reading →

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