The Last of Us (2023) Review

So the Last of Us TV show launched and I mean... eh? It's undeniably a step up from what has come to be expected from most videogame adaptations - that normally being that mediocrity is the high bar. But it's still not particularly special and really doesn't justify it's own existence in any way. The... Continue Reading →

“It’s Not Tolkien”

No, it's not. But that comes with the territory. Yes I'm talking about Amazon's Rings of Power TV show and the critisisms of it's lore breaking and general willingness to make change/unwillingness to be a direct adaptation of lore. This critisism online has circulated as the phrase "it's not Tolkein." To be clear this post... Continue Reading →

Ms Marvel Killed Me

This isn't a Ms Marvel review. I didn't finish Ms Marvel and so don't think a full, ordinary review would be fair, although I suppose you could argue that one's inability to finish something is a relevant part of the viewing experience and thus something I could be capable of reviewing... But I digress. Ms... Continue Reading →

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