July 2022 Review – Welcome to Blaugust

Nothing happened in June so I didn’t post a review of it. The monthly update posts really aren’t doing it for me right now so I may phase them out unless I have something worth mentioning about the month.

In truth nothing really happened in July either, but I did want to make a post today as I have decided to join Blaugust. Blaugust is an event hosted by Belghast from Tales of the Aggronaut. It is a challenge to write a blog post every day in the month of August. I have absolutely no idea if this even doable for me, given that I just started a new job and even without that August is looking busy, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to make this impulsive decision at nearly 10pm on August 1st with this post you’re reading right now being my first contribution to the month.

I suppose I do have a crap ton of movie reviews in the backlog. And at some point my TV reviews need to come out too. I don’t have much video game content, so I don’t want to burn through that too quick. I’ll likely save gaming content for my usual scheduled days.

And hey, I’ve needed an excuse to get all those movie reviews out of the backlog so I can (finally) start another franchise binge watch. Right now I’m weighing it between the Saw movies and X-Men movies because both are incredibly bizzaro franchises. Saw has a solid mix of genuine good horror and absolute bottom of the barrel crap the genre has to offer. X-Men is much the same for the superhero genre, so both interest me for similar reasons. On another note, I just realised I started the Halloween binge watch series in August of last year! What the- How does time flies.

So yeah. Let’s see how this goes. It might go well. I might just stop after three days. Place your bets!

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