Music Time

It's time for the one and (probably) only music related post you'll ever read on this blog, curtesy of Emily from Monsterlady's Diary who wrote out all the questions you're about to see me answer and welcomed fellow bloggers to answer them if they so wished. I did wish. It sounded fun, and it's been... Continue Reading →

Kong Skull Island (2017) Review

I've never been much of a Kong fan. I admire the special effects of the earlier movies, laugh at Toho's iteration of the character with a beer in hand, and always thought Peter Jackson's movie, while good, overstayed it's welcome. Then Kong Skull Island happened. And if you know anything about how I like my... Continue Reading →

Fun Games

So, uh, where you at? Seriously, a problem I've found specifically in AAA gaming at the moment - at least in the genre of games I am interested in - is that they haven't been very fun lately. And I know exactly why; developers want you to play their games in an obsessively specific way... Continue Reading →

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