To Build A Fire

Back when I was doing Blaugust I said in my review of Jennette McCurdy's I'm Glad My Mom Died that I really wanted to get back into reading. And while her book did absorb my life for the duration of time it took me to read it, afterwards I just sort of didn't read anything... Continue Reading →

“It’s Not Tolkien”

No, it's not. But that comes with the territory. Yes I'm talking about Amazon's Rings of Power TV show and the critisisms of it's lore breaking and general willingness to make change/unwillingness to be a direct adaptation of lore. This critisism online has circulated as the phrase "it's not Tolkein." To be clear this post... Continue Reading →

A Footnote on Devil Corps

So at the start of this year I got suckered into working for the fakest of fake companies that dare try to pass as a company. It was a Devil Corp. If you want to know more about them and have some context for what this post is about, then I recommend reading about my... Continue Reading →

Music Time

It's time for the one and (probably) only music related post you'll ever read on this blog, curtesy of Emily from Monsterlady's Diary who wrote out all the questions you're about to see me answer and welcomed fellow bloggers to answer them if they so wished. I did wish. It sounded fun, and it's been... Continue Reading →

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