April 2022 Review – Holiday Time

April has been pretty good for me. Mainly because I got a week long holiday in Cyprus with the family. There was a nice wedding on the seafront and lots of drinks afterwards. Outside of the wedding, the pool was lovely and so was the sea. The only downside to the whole thing was going... Continue Reading →

March 2022 Review – On the Up

So the February 2022 review wasn't the best was it? It was a tad bit pessimistic but with some sprinkles of sarcasm in there to brighten it up. Luckily for all of us the March review is 100% going to be a better one and for one good reason: I don't have that damnable sales... Continue Reading →

February 2022 Review – Pear Shaped

Yes, this month did go a tad pear shaped. Not entirely. There were also good things that happened this month, but also some pear shaped things. I'll start with those. Firstly my computer decided to die and I was forced back onto my laptop, which I haven't' significantly used since my university days. I'm not... Continue Reading →

Fatherhood in Modern Media

A lot of generalisations can be made about groups of people based on how they are depicted by the media. For women, their role has often been that of a prize to be won. Slay the dragon, get the girl and all that. Mary Jane from Spiderman, Princess Peach in Mario and so on. For... Continue Reading →

“Just Write”

Anyone who has ever put pen to paper or finger to keyboard and enjoyed it has experienced the inevitability that is a lack of motivation to continue known as writer's block. And anyone who has suffered from writers block will have asked for advice on how to regain their past momentum only to be told... Continue Reading →

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