Joker (2019) Review

Joker is the type of film I wish I liked more than I actually did. When I first saw this movie in cinemas I was like "wow", but when I recently re-watched it at home I was like "eh". And that's not to say that Joker is a bad movie - it's not - but... Continue Reading →

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Review

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (hereby refferred to as TABS) is a game about wobbly ragdoll people from different eras of history fighting each other. You have the Tribal faction, the Ancient faction, the Medieval faction for example... Then you have factions that fit somewhere between it all, or that simply seek to exaggerate and explore... Continue Reading →

“Just Write”

Anyone who has ever put pen to paper or finger to keyboard and enjoyed it has experienced the inevitability that is a lack of motivation to continue known as writer's block. And anyone who has suffered from writers block will have asked for advice on how to regain their past momentum only to be told... Continue Reading →

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