February 2022 Review – Pear Shaped

Yes, this month did go a tad pear shaped. Not entirely. There were also good things that happened this month, but also some pear shaped things. I’ll start with those.

Firstly my computer decided to die and I was forced back onto my laptop, which I haven’t’ significantly used since my university days. I’m not a tech guy, but I’m pretty sure something was wrong with the fans. When I turned it on it did this long, continuous beeping noise that was horrible to the ears and I got no picture on my monitor. I was trying to put some cash aside so I could save up for a new game, Total War Warhammer 3, but I guess I’ll have to start saving all over again.

Secondly the bloody weather. Here in the UK we had a storm with 100-200 mile per hour winds that were blowing the roofs off of arenas, sending wheelie bins flying through the streets and uprooting trees. I got thumped in the fact by my bin while taking it out – the wind blew the lid up and bashed me right in the nose. Luckily I didn’t get a nose bleed. In typical British fashion it was accompanied by rain, and even a little bit of snow for some bloody reason where I am.

But of course the single most disappointing thing I did this month was misspell Willem Dafoe’s name throughout my entire review of the Lighthouse. I spelt it Defoe, until fellow reviewer Alex Good kindly let me in on the very well guarded secret that it is actually spelt Dafoe. Corrections have since been made, so thanks for that.

Now for the happy stuff.

I’ve spent a lot more time playing Total War Warhammer 2. I feel comfortable reviewing it now and will continue to play and learn new things until the review is done and out. Though that may not be for a while. I’ve also got some films ready to review for when the Halloween ones are all done.

So yeah, this month has had it’s ups and downs but I’m trying to stay optimistic and going into March looking for a better time. Here’s to a good March.

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